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Hunt Country offers a variety of services to maximize property's natural resources:


As development continues to consume vast amounts of land in the Northern Virginia area, open spaces have become harder to find. Many property owners have benefited from the increase in demand for recreational land by leasing their property to clubs or individuals. Leases not only generate extra revenue for the land owner, but they can also assist in managing the property's wildlife populations and increase property security. The majority of leases are set up for hunting, but other leases can be set up for camping, ATV riding, fishing and horseback riding. Hunt Country can help set up and manage your lease and act as a liaison between you, hunters, neighbors and others that use the property.

Other Benifits of Leases:

  • Signage (posting) and gating of property
  • Presence on properties which are normally vacant
  • Reduced trespassing, vandalism and dumping
  • Managed game species populations

Services Offered:

  • Invasive Species Control
  • Herbicide Application
  • Soil Testing
  • Native Plantings
  • Pruning and Fertilization
  • Food Plots
  • Riparian Buffer and Wildlife Corridor Establishment
  • Bird Box Installation

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